Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sekalung tahniah diucapkan kepada pasukan Speech Choir SMKADG kerana segala usaha keras sudah menampakkan hasilnya.Pasukan speech choir SMKADG telah menjadi juara bagi daerah Marang. Misi seterusnya adalah untuk merebut juara negeri pula. Mudahan usaha pasukan speech choir akan berhasil.

"After three months of practising for speech choir competition, now we are glad to say that we are the winner!! Now we are representing our district to perform in the state level...Tq sooo much to my teammate, Miss Julia Shireen and my speech choir team members!! Without your full commitment and cooperation, maybe we do not manage to get it!! Now we must struggle hard for our next mission...tq for the support given..." ~ Miss Adila